Sample of Fresh Chicken Menu

*Full menu available in-store*

Stuffed Chicken Breast-

Another popular item, these chicken breasts are stuffed with seasonal food items. We've had everything from apple bacon stuffing, to jalapeño popper, to wild rice curry! The creativity never stops! Stop by for current stuffed chicken breast options. For cooking ideas, visit our FAQ's page.

Marinated Wings and Drummies-

Looking for some wings for game day? Look no further! We have wings and drummies (drum sticks) available. This is the lower portion of the leg that connects to the thigh. Both are available in white and dark meat.

Thighs and legs-

Located right above the drumstick, the thigh/leg of the animal contains dark,tender meat. 

Whole Chickens-

Yours for the making! Whole chickens are available for you to cook however you'd like. What are your cooking options, you ask? Cook in an instant pot, braise it, cut it up and cook the pieces, and so much more! 

Chicken Sausage-

These sausages are made from 100% ground chicken. One of the leanest meats around, this chicken sausage is lower in calories and fats. If you're looking for a healthy option, check out this menu item!

*Price is per pound and subject to change *

During this time we are enforcing limitations on the amount of product being purchased per customer. Thank you for your understanding.

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