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Pork Chops-

One of the most common cuts! It comes from the loin, an area on the animal that runs from the hip to the shoulder. 

Pork Roast-

From the area between the shoulder and the back legs, this is one of the most tender cuts on

the animal.

Pork Steaks-

Also known as a pork blade steak, this cut comes from the shoulder of the animal. Because there is more collagen in the cut, the meat is on the tougher side. 

Baby Back Ribs-

Cut from the lower part of the ribcage on the back of the animal. Baby back's are less fatty making them more tender then other rib cuts. 

Spare Ribs-

These ribs are thick, meaty, and juicy. Spare ribs are taken from the chest and sternum. Perfect for your summer BBQ or holiday party!

Stuffed Pork Chops-

This is exactly like our stuffed chicken-but pork chop version! We continue to create new recipes every single day. Stop into the store to see the most recent creation!

Ground Pork-

Made from the shoulder and trimmed end of the loin. This can be used in place of ground beef.

Italian Sausage-

style of pork sausage, this menu item is perfectly seasoned and provides your meal with just the right amount of spice.

Breakfast Sausage-

These links will make your morning! They are available in chubs and links.

*Price is per pound and subject to change *

During this time we are enforcing limitations on the amount of product being purchased per customer. Thank you for your understanding.

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