Sample of Smoked Beef Menu

*Full menu available in-store*

Beef Jerky- 

Made in-house to ensure freshness, our beef jerky comes in a variety of flavors. We start by marinating the beef in a curing solution. From there it's dehydrated and smoked. See below for our core menu flavors.


Beef Sticks-

The chewy version of our beef jerky! This meat is smoked on-site. New flavors are constantly being added to the menu. See below for our core menu flavors.




Cracked Pepper & Garlic

Prime Rib

Hickory Mesquite




Honey Barbecue

Pepper Jack

Three Cheese

Cheddar Jalapeño


'Mike's Bites'-

These bite-sized kipper bites are a fan favorite! A thicker cut of jerky in sweet and spicy flavoring.


*Price is per pound and subject to change* 

At this time we are enforcing limitations on the amount of product being purchased per customer. Thank you for your understanding.

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North Branch, MN 55056

Daily 8am-7pm

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