Sample of Fresh Seafood Menu

*Full menu available in-store*

Crab Legs-

Are you looking for surf and turf menu items- we've got that! We have large snow crab available during season.


Related to prawns and crabs, our lobster comes hard shell and all! This seasonal menu item comes in a variety of sizes- simply ask what we have available at the counter!

Tuna Steak-

This meaty firm cut comes from (yellowfin or bluefin) tuna fish. It can be compared to beef steak because of it's red/pink color.

Jumbo Prawns-

A species of shrimp, we receive this soft crustacean all the way from Bangladesh. Perfect for your favorite gumbo or, stuff them for a delicious appetizer!


If you live in Minnesota- you know how delicious this freshwater fish is! This is a seasonal item on our menu.



Native to North America, this seasonal freshwater fish is MN popular. Only available in season.


*Price is per pound and subject to change*

*Seafood is seasonal*

During this time we are enforcing limitations on the amount of product being purchased per customer. Thank you for your understanding.

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